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Welcome to THEFT Inc. A crime syndicate that operates in deep secrecy to steal the most valuable items around the world.

Are you ready for a life of crime? Become our new recruit and download this action-packed stealth game now!

Just some of the awesome features:

Unique stealth play
Dynamics shadows and lights offering unique stealth experience

Many cool gadgets to unlock
⚔ Night vision goggle
⚔ Thermal (heat) goggles
⚔ Stun gun
⚔ Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons
⚔ Digital map
⚔ so much more to come

Neutralize guards and drag them out of sight

Multiple campaigns with many missions
Steal priceless items around the world in a full career-mode

Control the environment
Destroy lights, eliminate security cams

The art of stealth
You will need to operate in complete silence and remain undetected as you steal objects from the most secure locations. Avoid or neutralize guards, sneak past security cameras, and maneuver past security laser systems. It's all part of your daily job as a notorious thief.

The key to completing successful missions in this stealth game is remaining undetected. Use the shadows and any tiny corner to your advantage. You often have multiple options to a situation, will you take-down a guards or will you simply sneak by. While missions can be completed whilst detected, the true art of stealth is to achieve 100% stealth scores for your missions.

Game-play TIPS
Use the dark shadows
Watch your stealth visibility indicator at the bottom/right of the screen closely to see how visible you are. By staying in the dark shadows you will remain invisible to the guards and this allows you to sneak past them undetected.

Use gadgets wisely
As you complete missions you're arsenal of gadgets and gear expands, but your resources remain limited. Use your ammunition wisely throughout the missions as you may come cross critical situations when you will desperately need your weapons.

Drag guards into the shadow
To avoid any later detection of knocked out guards you need to be sure to drag them out of sight into a dark corner or behind cover. Detection of a guards leads to the alarm being raised and will negatively impact your stealth % score.

Be patient
They key to any stealth game is to be patient and observe the situation and then take measured and planning action accordingly.

Your gadgets
Complete missions and you will be rewarded by the syndicate with new high-tech gadgets allowing you to complete the most challenging heists against all odds. Pay close attention to the in-game gadget training missions.

The jobs
This stealth game presents a simulation of the life of a pro modern criminal. You'll start as rookie and will soon take-on dangerous tasks such as robbing museums, banks, offices, and many other thrilling locations. All require a different strategy.

About THEFT Inc.
To many THEFT Inc. is only a rumor, a whisper of the unknown. The elite thieves that work for THEFT Inc. never reveal themselves as they have signed a pack for life to honor and serve the syndicate at all cost.

THEFT Inc. is non-lethal organization who prefers to get the job done without being notices. All operatives (agents) carry non-lethal weapons only and are perfected in the art of stealth. By using the most modern high tech equipment THEFT Inc. manages to gain access to the most valuable objects they desire. THEFT Inc. operates under the radar and stays away from rival gang wars and always prefers to stay anonymous. You can best describe them as a criminal organization of the digital age.

The organization operates cross multiple cells making it very hard to infiltrate the solid inner circles of the guild. The leader remains unknown even to many agents out in the field.

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